What is Fairtrade?

Not all trade is fair! Farmers and workers at the foundation of the supply chain do not always obtain a fair share of the benefits of trade. Fairtrade makes it possible for consumers to take part in putting this right.

Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and a global movement that represents sustainability and development through trade based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Today, it is the leading certification system for sustainability and poverty alleviation.

Fairtrade creates more opportunities for the farming communities who have been economically disadvantaged or marginalised by the conventional trading system. It benefits small-scale farmers as well as farm workers by ensuring better trading and working and living conditions, providing life-improving investment opportunities, as well as supporting sustainable production and protection of the environment for a better future.



TheraNaka™, Fairtrade and Ubuntu Natural™

TheraNaka™ – a unique South African product, rich in natural healing and soothing properties, presenting the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation – is packed with raw materials which are Ubuntu Natural™ and are Fairtrade approved.


Ubuntu Natural™ products are derived from ‘indigenous African plants raw materials that have been sustainably wild-harvested by, and for the benefit of, poor rural people’, and are produced in line with clear environmental and social guidelines (Ubuntu Natural™ Charter). Guaranteed are fair & reliable supply chains, a commitment to biodiversity conservation, social & regulatory equity, green technology, as well as a variety of additional advantages.

Making a difference

Through TheraNaka™ using these Ubuntu Natural™ ingredients we are helping the poor of our great continent, Africa. Over and above their commitment to Fairtrade, Ubuntu Trading give at least 15% of their profits to their Ubuntu Africa Programme. Based on the give-and-take concept of Ubuntu the company believes in sharing their success with the farmers and their families who produce the raw materials. Not only are producers and their communities gaining direct support from the profits, but they are also gaining long-term support in the form of entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation projects.


There are many stories from the families who produce and harvest the raw materials that go into our products. Andrew, from Malawi, says that he uses the money to pay for his children’s school fees and is able to buy clothes for his whole family. He also has extra money to care for anyone who falls ill – without the money from his harvesting he would be able to meet his family’s needs.


Selma, from Namibia, says that producing Kalahari Melon has changed her life as she is now finally employed and able to support her large family – they are happy and able to send their grandchildren to proper schools.


Silvina, from Mozambique, says that harvesting seeds for Mafura butter has helped her support her family since her husband died. She is able to single handed generate enough income to care for her family’s needs, such as buying food and clothing. She is also able to save to make her home better.


These are but a few of the hundreds and thousands of stories from all over Africa of poor families and communities rising up, supporting themselves and living happy lives because of Fairtrade and the Ubuntu Natural™ initiatives. Most of these stories come from women who have large families to support on their own, and are finally able to do so.

We are who we are because of you

“Ubuntu is the essence of being human. I am human because I belong, and my humanity is bound to yours.” ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Our aim is to build our company on the notion of Ubuntu – being who or what you are because of those around you. Ultimately, if it were not for the poor communities supplying these magnificent raw materials, we would not be here today, and we therefore embrace these initiatives and various ways to give back and make a difference. “We are what we are because of you.”


TheraNaka™ – South Africa’s key to experiencing the beauty of Africa.