Unlike many other health and skincare ranges, our products contain the highest recommended concentrations of active ingredients, which ensures optimum results for all concerns.


Our ranges are produced with absolute integrity so you can rest assured that you are performing and experiencing treatments with nothing short of the very best. We ensure that our products do not contain harmful alcohols, artificial fragrances, colourants, harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils.


Not only are we concerned about your well being but we are also committed to the well being of our planet. For this reason we ensure that we use renewable indigenous species and sustainable harvest practices. Additionally, our products are produced with ingredients that have no synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or monocultural plantation agriculture, no solvents or irradiation used in the organic certified processes of extraction, and they have not been tested on animals.


At the heart of the TheraNaka™ range are the specially concocted therapeutic essential oils that rejuvenate and restore balance to the body and mind. The combination of all these carefully interwoven elements results in an experience of a lifetime.