Our Inspiration: What gave us life

The Beauty of Africa originating from within the Tree that Roars

Baobab trees are the true giants of the African bush, the stuff legends are made of and known by the local Venda people as ‘the tree that roars’ based on the sound the wind makes when it moves through its branches. The Baobab Tree is a true symbol of life in a landscape where little else can thrive and forms a sacred part of the symbolism behind the TheraNaka™ brand.

Drawing inspiration from the Baobab Tree and its life-giving nature, the Baobab Tree logo represent the company’s values through the letters
L I F E.

L: for “Labour of love”

We strive to direct our daily passion for transforming the treasures hidden in the captivating aromas of local ingredients, into a truly authentic African product & treatment journeys for the spa professional.

I: for “Ingredients”

We aim to ensure that our body’s own intricate ecosystem, the body and soul connection, are treated in harmony by balancing and weaving the scents and herbs of Africa with adapted traditional rituals, offering the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

F: “Fair Trade and cultural importance”

TheraNaka™ supports Ubuntu Natural™ products that are derived from indigenous African plants raw materials that have been sustainably wild harvested by, and for the benefit of rural people. This alternative approach to conventional trade represents sustainability and development through trade based on a partnership between producers and consumers (leading certification system for sustainability and poverty alleviation).

E: “Endurance and perseverance”

The Baobab Tree is the oldest living flowering plant adapted to a dry and hostile environment.
Like the growth and endurance through the years of this majestic tree, our family circle has grown exponentially. We are proud to have both a dynamic and experienced team of professionals supporting this unbroken circle. We aim to excel with our service-orientated mentality and we will keep working tirelessly to meet our clients’ needs for years to come.