Meet our Desert Rose Diffuser as we continue our sensorial journey to the planes of Africa and escape from a busy day with this daily at home indulgent experience.


Transform any room to an uplifting sanctuary with the unique delicate scent of roses while you enliven your senses as this mood-enhancing aroma fills the corners of your mind.


The diffuser forms part of the indulgent Desert Rose range of which the bath salt recently saw the light as a limited-edition gift item but decided to stick around instead.


Fit for any room, especially bedrooms, lounges and entrance halls, the elegant design of the Desert Rose Diffuser will complement and enhance any décor features and preferences, is safe to use all day and can be left unattended.


How to optimise the use of your Desert Rose Diffuser:

Insert the diffuser sticks into the liquid. Place in the centre of the room, out of reach of children, and allow the gorgeous fragrance to infuse the air. Diffuser reeds can be turned on a weekly basis.


PERFECT to incorporate while spoiling yourself to some well-deserved ‘me-time’ in a luxurious Desert Rose Salt bath.