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Sought after and used by many aestheticians and beauty spas around the world, Facial Cupping Therapy has become an essential beauty tool to achieve smoother, more contoured, glowing skin. Through local suction, cupping aids with improving micro-circulation which helps oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the skin cells more efficiently which in turn rejuvenates and brightens the skin.

TheraNaka® is proud to offer only the best eco-conscious, German Medical Grade Silicone cups that are pliable and easy to work with.

Facial FasciaStretch Cupping: How does facial cupping work?
1. gently pulls skin away from the deeper layers of fascia
2. increased blood flow to the area
3. increased blood circulation resulting from the suctioning technique improves lymphatic drainage as the skin is lifted
4. early signs of aging and wrinkles are delayed
5. increased blood circulation helps to increase cell repair and cell regeneration