Direct delivery of products to clients

LSE can now assist by sending parcels to your clients directly! (the form was emailed on Wednesday 22 April)

How will the process work?

  • You as the stockist may inform your clients that they can order products through you (parcels MUST include essential items) that LSE can send to them. We will also place this information on our social media platforms that you can share.
  • You email to inform Gail of your order using the new order form (emailed to you on 22nd April) to clearly indicate and calculate different parcels to your different clients.
  • For regular orders, use the original form as supplied. You will therefore send more than one attachment if you have orders coming to you as well as your clients.
  • For Retail To Door sales, Gail will invoice you each end-user’s order as separate attachments and change the delivery address per invoice to each end-user’s address.
  • YOU MUST CHECK THESE BEFORE MAKING THE TOTAL PAYMENT TO ENSURE THE PRODUCT AND DELIVERY INFORMATION IS CORRECT) – LSE will not be held liable for errors that were encountered on the stockist’s end.
  • Each delivery will have a courier cost of R75 added per parcel (R86.25 VAT inclusive). You are to communicate this to your clients directly when taking orders and adding it to their order total.
  • Cash before delivery only.
  • Orders are collected on Tuesdays and Fridays due to courier restrictions. For collection on these days, please order and pay by the Monday or Thursday prior to collection day to qualify for the parcel dispatch.

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